Glynn Taylor

Games Programmer

Pigs Must Die


For this competition we were given the theme "stupid" and so, disregarding all attempts to make a political/social statement, I instead made a really silly game about murdering pigs who had eaten your entire livestock during the night

The game features four levels, comprising of 4 rooms (1 optional) and then a final boss room

I was applauded for the game's lack of sense making, as well as use of sounds and art; however the game fell short when it came to its unforgiving difficulty


  • Fast paced shooter and pattern based combat
  • several enemy AI variants and boss AI
  • End game scenario
  • Initial game menu and end screens
  • "vague" sense of story
  • Custom models
  • Different weapons and enemies

Technical aspect

Made in Unity3D, models created using blender and animated within Unity.