Glynn Taylor

Games Programmer

Station 19


A stealth/action survival platformer, whereby you play as a human survivor attempting to escape a space station where something has gone horribly wrong; experiments are roaming everywhere and even the darkness hides death.

The game plays out as a simple shooter platformer, however certain enemies cannot be slain and can be avoided by hiding within closets or going around them. Staying too long in the dark also poses a danger, so quick traversal of certain parts of each level is essential. Within each level lies a good number of interactable objects such as doors, chests and elevators; scrolling text prompts give the player a brief explanation of each.

The game was designed for the WGD theme: "Spooky".


  • Stealth/action gameplay; avoid, hide, or shoot enemies to progress through
  • Character creation with customiseable colors
  • Fully fledged UI
  • Basic enemy detection system
  • Static and dynamic lighting (lights vs flashlight)
  • Entity systems such as elevators, buttons, doors, ladders, chests, hiding spots and more
  • Light detection system whereby evil apparitions hunt you if you stay in the dark for too long
  • Two fully fledged levels created with the Ogmo level editor

Technical aspect

  • Made using HaxeFlixel, a good amount of sounds and art from and Freesound, as well as my own work.
  • Greg Lieberman created the zoom camera used, all other programming is my own
  • Levels were designed in the Ogmo level editor