Glynn Taylor

Games Programmer

Prop Hunt


A clone of the infamous GMod gamemode; one team plays as hunters whilst the other has to disguise and blend in with objects around the map.

Prop players are given a small amount of time to move away from the hunters, choose their prop and hide; afterwards the hunter team moves out and attempts to find and kill the prop players. At the end of each round the new round teams are randomized with roughly half hunters and half props, anyone joining or dead can spectate the map with a flying camera view.

Prop controls: WASD Space, E (Change prop), R (Rotate), Q (Zero velocity)

Hunter controls: WASD Space, R (Reload), Mouse1 (Fire)


  • Multiplayer using Unity3D built in networking
  • Disguise as props and hide in the level
  • Hunt down props using guns, losing health if you shoot non props
  • Server browser with Unity test master server list, or direct connect
  • Multiple maps
  • Admin map browser and menus
  • Round timer and victory conditions

Technical aspect

Made in Unity3D with Unity networking (not Photon), models created using blender and animated within Unity.