Glynn Taylor

Games Programmer



Reflectionfall is a platformer created by Glynn Taylor, where players can shoot up to 3 bouncy lasers. If their own laser hits them they will pick it up, if someone elses does they will die. The game is controller only at the moment. It is inspired by Towerfall's laser arrows and was created for the WGD 2 week "reflection" compo.

Players start with 3 bouncy laser arrows and gain an arrow only when they collide with their own arrow, making it a tactical decision whether or not to fire, seeing as once out of arrows the player must then retrieve them. The game is played in a last man standing style and supports up to 4 players.


  • Platforming
  • Controller support(Xbox 360)
  • Firing bouncing lasers and reducing your enemies to a pile of messy gibs
  • Menu and UI
  • Music and saved option data

Technical aspect

My first game programmed in Haxe using the HaxeFlixel framework; music and art by OpenGameArt contributors, Vicky Hedgecock (HaxeFlixel tutorial player sprite), Patrick Crecilius (Haxe flixel tutorial BG music).

WARNING: Requires Xbox360/logitech controllers to play (2 or more people).