Glynn Taylor

Games Programmer

Portfolio Some example projects


Reflectionfall is a simple platformer where players can shoot up to 3 bouncy lasers. If their own laser hits them they will pick it up, if someone elses does they will die. It is inspired by Towerfall's laser arrows and was created for the WGD 2 week "reflection" competition.

Station 19

A first person shooter room clearer, whereby you play as a human survivor attempting to escape a space station where something has gone horribly wrong; experiments are roaming everywhere and even the darkness hides death.

Code Cracker

A 3D puzzle game that involves observing the environment carefully in order to find a 3 digit code to unlock a door to the next room. The game has 12 rooms and was created in the last few days of the 3 week WGD "Monochrome" competition.

Pigs Must Die

A first person shooter room clearer, whereby you play as someone who's sheep have been eaten by carnivorous mutant pigs; fight your way to the pig king to get revenge!

OpenGL Heightmap Renderer

A technical demo using that uses LWJGL to render a 3D heightmap based on greyscale images.

OpenGL Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Another project using LWJGL that has gameplay similar to roguelike dungeon crawlers such as "Dungeons of Dredmor".

Prop Hunt

A clone of the infamous GMod gamemode; one team plays as hunters whilst the other has to disguise and blend in with objects around the map.

You can see older/less polished games on my old portfolio